21 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I’ve been looking around at a lot of other blogs lately.  I’ve noticed that many include a post about the blogger with a list of things that “you probably don’t know” about them.  So I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Below is my list of things you probably don’t know about me, even if you know me.

  1. I cannot go to sleep in an unmade bed.  I have to make the bed first, then get in to sleep – and mess it up again.

    A perfectly Made Bed

  2. I have an incredible sweet tooth.  If there’s sugar in it, I’ll eat it.  Add chocolate and I’ll knock you over to get to it first.  I could probably live on cookies and cake alone.


    Amazing dessert buffet

  3. My feet are almost always cold.  It could be 90 degrees out, my feet will still be cold.
  4. The day after our first date, I knew that Jon and I would get married.  I fell in love in one night.
  5. I am the worst gardener ever.  If there were such a thing as a “black thumb,” I would have it.  No matter how easy a plant is to care for, I will kill it in my efforts to keep it alive.


    What most of my houseplants end up looking like

  6. I love to sing.  We bought a karaoke microphone for Lily as a Christmas gift but I use it A LOT when no one is home.   I have always dreamt of performing live for an audience.  It’s on my bucket list.


    I used to use a hairbrush until I got an actual microphone

  7. Speaking of performing, I just love to dance! Get me on the dance floor and I won’t leave – especially if I’ve had a drink or two (ask Allie about my moves from Danny’s graduation party lol).  Always wished that I had pursued dance beyond ballet and tap classes when I was six years old.


    My dancing school photo, circa 1977

  8. Most people think that pink is my favorite color.  And while I am very partial to pink, I truly adore the color green.
  9. I have the worst Sicilian temper you could possibly imagine.  Don’t believe me? Ask my kids about my “drilling eyes.”
  10. When I was 9 years old I wrote and illustrated my own book.  It was called “Fat Nat.” It’s about a fat kid that goes to camp and gets healthy.  My mother still has it.


    I still revere the written word

  11. I have an awful potty mouth.  Most of the time I can control it – especially when I’m in mixed company.  But when I’m comfortable, the f-bombs will start flying.
  12. I can hold a grudge for a REALLY long time.  I’m so-so at forgiving.  Forgetting does not exist in my lexicon.
  13. When I was a kid, I would not eat broken cookies.  I only ate perfectly shaped cookies.  Now, of course, I inhale every last piece and crumb from the bottom of the package. LOL


    If only this were true

  14. One of my favorite memories as a teenager is watching a “Godfather” movie marathon on A&E with my dad.  We did a lot of snacking and not much talking. It was great.  I’m pretty sure my dad won’t remember it.


    One of the greatest movies of all times. A classic.

  15. I have never broken any bones in my body.  Only had to have stitches once – as an adult.
  16. I’m grateful that my parents let me live through my teenage years.  I was a handful and a half to say the least.  I took terrible risks.  I shudder when I think of it.
  17. I am hugely emotional.  I get attached to people and things very easily.  I cry both happy and sad tears a lot.  Often simultaneously.
  18. The “Star Wars” movies are probably my favorite movies of all times.  I can quote them all.  And as a kid, I desperately wanted to be Princess Leia.  Even wore my hair in those ridiculous side buns.


    Princess Leia was my hero. Probably still is.

  19. If you call me your friend, I will always have your back.  And believe me, you want me in your corner.
  20. I’m kinda psychic.  And by “kinda” I mean that I am but I can’t control it.  I have visions and intuitions and when I have them they are ALWAYS accurate.  It’s a Mannino (my mother’s family) thing.
  21. Although I tend to come across as brave and courageous, I have many debilitating fears; most notably I’m terrified of vermin and insects.  And I only discovered as an adult that I am claustrophobic.

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