What I Want For Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day and for moms everywhere….. My thoughts about Mother’s Day have not changed in a year’s time. It is still the highest salaried position in the world – the payment is pure love!

one well read mom

Creative Mother’s Day breakfast
I’ve seen a lot of links on Facebook lately to blogs that are poking fun at what mother’s do and what us moms really want for Mother’s Day this year. Things like getting the kids out of our hair, wanting time alone with our girlfriends, “good jewelry,” etc. And while these blogs, I hope, were written to be comical and are somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I thought I would write something about what being a mom really means to me.

Almost 17 years ago, my life was changed on a really hot day in June when I gave birth to my first baby, a girl. One day my life was just as I expected it, and the next day it was nothing I even recognized, as a 7 pound 2 ounce little peanut was suddenly in control of all I did, said, and thought. She also inexplicably had…

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